2020 Finalist Profile: Jasmin French

From starting as an active member of Agave (the Eiteljorg’s Museum Young Professional group) to Agave’s President, now to the Eiteljorg Board of Advisors – Jasmin French, a 2020 finalist for ELEVATE Board Member of Year – has shaped what it means to be involved in central Indiana in such a way that leaves a lasting impact on community and celebrates all that is good with where we have been and where we are going.

Because of her passion and initiative, Jasmin caught the attention of her (multiple!) nominators early on:

“She was a standout member from the start and caught everyone’s attention through her enthusiasm and leadership. One thing we most appreciated was how hard she worked to promote the Eiteljorg to everyone in her sphere of influence, and her focus on bringing other young professionals into the organization.”

Here’s a bit from our conversation with Jasmin’s about her board accomplishments and impact …

Q: You were nominated for Board Member of the Year for your board service with the Eiteljorg – can you tell us a little bit about the museum?

A: The Eiteljorg is definitely a gem in Indianapolis and has been around for 30 years. Its full name is the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and it focuses on capturing artistic experience of Native Americans as well as a lot of western landscapes. The museum has collections that most people would expect to find in Arizona or New Mexico, but it’s right here in the Midwest.

Q: What peaked your interest to become involved with the Eiteljorg Museum, and eventually their young professionals group – Agave?

A: I first heard about the Eiteljorg in 2015 from my former employer, who said the museum was looking to increase its presence among young professionals. Being a young professional, I went and had a conversation with someone in development about what the Eiteljorg was doing in the community and I realized this is a really interesting place. They were really pushing the envelope when it came to art – blending topics about race and sexual orientation. So that’s when I joined Agave and stayed involved to eventually become President for a year. I was recently called up to the Board of Advisors – where I am excited to be one of many talented individuals setting the strategic direction of the museum.

Q: Do you have a favorite memory from serving in one of your board capacities so far with the Eiteljorg?

A: My favorite was definitely JORGstock! Most people are familiar with Woodstock, so we wanted to recreate it with JORGstock – an outdoor event, in the summer, and right along the Canal. There were 7 bands of all different genres, lots of food trucks – and it was a way to bring a younger crowd into the museum! It also got people thinking ‘ok what does music have to do with the Eiteljorg?’ At the time of this event, the museum had an amazing exhibit called ‘Guitars,’ which featured over 100 guitars from all over the country. What better way to fuse the two then to have JORGstock! I think it was really successful and it got people excited about the museum.

Q: We’ve heard a lot about your accomplishments as an Agave and Eiteljorg board member, so can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Our family moved to Indianapolis in 1990 for my dad’s job. I grew up in Lawrence township, and I’m a Lawrence Central graduate – Go Bears! I left Indianapolis when I went to Duke University, did a lot of living, and then came back around 7-8 years ago! I currently work for Cummins in the Ethics and Compliance department – in our new, really cool building in downtown Indianapolis!

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